Youth minister meets Australian, Dutch envoys

Minister of Youth Mohammad Nabulsi held on Tuesday two separate meetings with Australian ambassador Bernard Lynch and Dutch Ambassador for Youth, Education and Work Tijmen Rooseboom.

Nabulsi discussed with Lynch means to enhance bilateral relations in the field of youth work, through launching joint youth programs and activities that will be implemented in the coming days by the two countries’ youth with the aim of exchanging expertise and achieving programmatic benefit for them, according to a press release issued by the Ministry.

The meeting also touched on the role of young men and women in the two countries during the COVID-19 crisis and how they can contribute to assisting and supporting their national and medical efforts to address the pandemic.

During a separate virtual meeting with Rooseboom, the minister spoke about a number of issues of common interest, including youth, education and work.

The two officials discussed the experience of the ministries of youth in both countries in the fields of institutional and youth work, with the aim of exchanging expertise and passing it to youth, and launching entrepreneurial projects to reduce unemployment among the age group.

The two sides also stressed the importance of boosting bilateral cooperation by creating unconventional programs and activities that stimulate entrepreneurship for young people.

Source: Jordan News Agency