Young artist puts her thoughts on canvas

“Thoughts on Canvas” is the name of an exhibition by young artist Nour El Khatib. El Khatib’s reflections on growing up in the United States as a 17-year-old are on display at Gallery Ouitque, which opened its doors to the public on Saturday.

The exhibition features 15 pieces which El Khatib prepared in less than two weeks during her summer break in Jordan.

El Khatib claims that her creations have deep symbolic meaning and continues, “Art is a way of communication with everything around me, whether it be beauty or agony. Each piece is a reflection of a personal experience I have had, especially over the past two years as I have navigated my own mental health journey. I learned during these years that I can use art as a means of self-discovery and problem-solving. I was able to express myself, deal with some of my personal issues, and find peace of mind because of art.”

According to El Khatib, the beauty of any form of art is found in its capacity to convey a sincere message; even though her pieces may appear unconventional to some, El Khatib claims they reflect this. Each painting, in her opinion, conveys a message about a particular subject that cannot be expressed in words.

She explains that the beauty of art is that “it allows us to temporarily escape our troubled and chaotic reality.” She claims art is the only medium that allows her thoughts to flow freely and permits her to express herself indirectly.

Suhail Baqain, a visual artist, helped El Khatib realize her dream of running a gallery in her native nation. Despite her youth, El Khatib has an impressive way of expressing herself, according to Baqain, who believes she has a promising future in the arts.

Proceeds from her art sales will be donated to Khaluna Nefarhum, a charity that funds eye surgeries for impoverished kids.

The exhibition will be on display until Tuesday at Gallery Ouitque in Jabal Al Weibdeh, in the heart of Amman. Gallery Ouitque was established by young artist Lama Saada three months ago to serve as a cultural platform to support and embrace young talent and give them the opportunity to spread creativity.

The gallery was named Ouitque, which means ancient, and was inspired by the Phoenician civilization, particularly one of their oldest cities, (Utik), which fits with the old town of Al Weibdeh, which is now a center of art, culture, and beauty.

Source: Jordan News Agency

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