World’s largest offshore wind turbine off assembly line in China

China’s home-developed a giant offshore wind turbine, the world’s largest per-unit capacity, rolled off the production line in east China’s Fujian Province on Wednesday.

According to the China Three Gorges Corporation, the 16-megawatt wind turbine is equipped with a 146-meter hub, equal to the height of a 50-storied building, and has the world’s longest impeller diameter of 252 meters and the lightest per megawatt weight.

The equipment, jointly developed by the corporation and Xinjiang Goldwind Sci and Tech Co., Ltd., marks a breakthrough in high-end wind turbine manufacturing.

At full wind speed, the wind turbine can generate 34.2 kWh of power after rotating a full turn.

Its annual power output, which is estimated to average over 66 million kWh, can meet the annual demand of 36,000 households of three, save 22,000 tonnes of standard coal, and reduce 54,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide.

China’s wind turbine manufacturing has led the globe after leap-forward development, Lei Mingshan, chairman of China Three Gorges Corporation, said.

The success of the 16- megawatt wind turbine marks a historic leap in the country’s wind power equipment manufacturing, said Lei Mingshan, head of China Three Gorges Corp.

Source: Jordan News Agency