Wanted man injured in shootout with police

Security forces Tuesday arrested a man, who was wanted on smuggling and drug trafficking charges, during a shootout in the Central Badia region.

The Public Security Directorate’s media spokesman said in a statement that a security force engaged a man, who was wanted on 25 criminal charges, 20 of which were drug trafficking offences, after they zeroed in on his whereabouts in the Central Badia region.

“Upon seeing the security force driving to the site, the suspect began shooting, and the police force, acting according to the rules of engagement, returned the fire and warned him to turn himself in, but he resisted and continued shooting,” he said.

He said the police force overwhelmed the shooter and found out he was injured and was treated on the spot and driven to hospital.

The spokesman said that the suspect had escaped a botched attempt to arrest him about a month ago, when he fired shots on a security force.

Source: Jordan News Agency