Two victories of shine and sedition in the first division

Amman, Maan’s team reached the top of the Premier League after a 21 victory over Al Arabi on Monday in the Maan Stadium in the ninth week of the league.

Maan lifted his lead to 21 points in the lead by a point from the 20point Sahab, who is expected to play against Bilma on Tuesday.

Al Sarhan scored a 10 victory over AlKarmil in the match at Prince Mohammed Stadium in Zarqa. AlSarhan scored 19 points in third place and AlKaramel remained at 9 points.

AlRamtha and AlRamtha scored 11 in the match at the Prince Hashim Stadium in Ramtha to raise their score to 11 points and Ramtha to 5 points.

And meet at 4 pm tomorrow, a cloud with Bilma at the court of Prince Mohammed, while meeting Manshiya Bani Hassan with Yarmouk at the stadium Mafraq.

Source: Jordan News Agency