Transport minister, Tunisian envoy talk cooperation

The Minister of Transport, Wajih Azayza, and Tunisian Ambassador, Khaled al-Suhaili, on Tuesday discussed strengthening areas of joint cooperation, namely the exchange of expertise in the field of transport.

Receiving the envoy in his office, Azayza stressed the depth of bilateral relations in all fields, most notably in transport, pointing out that the two countries are bound by agreements in the fields of land, sea and air transport and memoranda of understanding in the fields of meteorology and its sub-field marine meteorology.

The two officials agreed on the need to increase meetings and consultations to reflect positively on the interests of the two countries, serve their citizens and to improve the sector overall.

For his part, al-Suhaili underlined the importance of holding meetings of the joint technical committees in the field of transport to enhance the transport movement between the two countries.

Source: Jordan News Agency