Thirteen drug promoters arrested in Ramtha district, says PSD

The Anti-Narcotics Department (AND) has arrested 13 people, one labelled a “very dangerous and armed” suspect, in possession of large quantities of narcotic substances, in drug- related raids in the northern border Ramtha district.


In a press statement made on Thursday, the media spokesperson of the Public Security Directorate (PSD) said the AND agents have raided three sites in the Ramtha district after collecting information related to several drug promoters to verify their criminal activity.


Accordingly, 13 people were arrested during the three raids, added the spokesperson.


In the first raid, 3 persons, one classified as “very dangerous and armed suspect”, were nabbed and a quantity of synthetic weed (Joker) was confiscated, in addition to a firearm, said the police official.


During the 2nd raid, 6 drug promoters were arrested, confiscating large “Joker” quantities and materials used in manufacturing this lethal substance, he said.


In the 3rd raid, 4 people also were arrested, seizing a “Joker” quantity and an amount of narcotic pills, he noted.


Source: Jordan News Agency