Teachers protest the career system … Add 1 and

In Irbid, teachers held a protest today in front of the Directorate of Education Irbid first, as the head of the branch of the Teachers Union in Irbid, Sharaf Obeidat that the track will deprive the new teachers of basic and technical bonuses, which insisted the union not to prejudice the previously acquired allowance is 100 percent of salary As well as other technical bonuses.

He said that the career path threatens the security of the vocational and living teacher, stressing that the door of dialogue is open with the government to retreat from this path (practicing the profession), which is the validity of the teachers’ union as in other unions and the Ministry of Education may not approve it without reference to the union.

He stressed that the new teacher needs three years to benefit from the advantages of that track in the event of applying this year and the teacher is not entitled to claim any bonus or incentives, which will increase the suffering of the teacher under the low salaries of teachers, in addition to the path is free of something related to the teacher in the room And focused on the administrative side as the activities rather than on the technical side.

“If the government does not respond to our demands, the strike will be one of our options after the formation of the teachers union council next week,” Obaidat said.

Several speakers from the Ministry of Education called for a retreat from the professional path and opened the way for dialogue with the union. The course will be applied to the new teachers, which will cause them great injustice, pointing out that the vocational track agreed upon with the teachers union has changed completely when approved.

In Ajloun, the branch of the Teachers Syndicate organized a protest in protest against the career system.

The head of the committee, Asaad alShara, stressed the teachers’ rejection of the vocational track and practicing the profession in its current form, pointing out the importance of returning the regime to the dialogue table and introducing the proposed draft amendments in order to respect the opinion and the other opinion.

He called for the need to retreat from the adoption of the career path until it is agreed with the Council of the union and take what has been agreed through dialogue.

Council member Yassin alSa’aida pointed to the importance of classifying the profession of education as an arduous profession and respect for his profession, which is the basis of renaissance and development, without prejudice to his rights and dignity.

Source: Jordan News Agency