Shboul, Egypt’s SCMR head talk media cooperation

Minister of State for Media Affairs, Faisal Shboul, met in Cairo Tuesday evening, with Egyptian Head of the Supreme Council for Media Regulation (SCMR) Karam Gabr, on the sidelines of his participation in 52nd regular session of the Council of Arab Media Ministers which will kicked off today.

During the meeting, Shboul stressed the “deep-rooted, strategic and fraternal” Jordanian-Egyptian relations, under the the two countries’ leaderships’ attention, which is reflected in strengthening joint cooperation in various fields.

Shboul, who is also government’s official spokesperson, referred to the King’s directives, which always emphasizes priority of Jordan’s relations with Egypt on various issues and files, pointing out that the large Egyptian community, which amounts to hundreds of thousands, is appreciated in the Kingdom.

Shboul hailed level of joint cooperation and coordination between the two countries’ media outlets and lauded their important role in strengthening bilateral relations and supporting priority issues.

The minister stressed the importance of media in strengthening bilateral relations and supporting their positions on various issues.

He stressed the importance of crystallizing an Arab effort in negotiating with global social media companies, in terms of contents published and revenues lost for media organizations, in addition to combating hate speech, privacy violation and false or fake news.

For his part, Jabr stressed the “deep-rooted, strategic” Jordanian-Egyptian relations, adding that Cairo is proud of its “strong” ties with Jordan at all levels, pointing to the many cultural bonds and great coordination in all fields under the two countries’ leaderships.

Noting joint media cooperation, he lauded outcomes of his recent visit to the Kingdom, which came on the sidelines of Jordan- hosted Arab media meetings.

He added that the Egyptian president’s directives confirm that Jordan is a priority, which also aim to extend cooperation bridges with the brotherly Arab countries and support all Arab countries, especially Jordan.

Egypt will take over presidency of the Council of Arab Media Ministers during the coming period, and will work to enhance cooperation between Arab countries, institutions and unions to reach joint cooperation in media training and joint production, he noted.

Jabr also hoped that the Arab media discussions will come up with executive and practical recommendations.

Source: Jordan News Agency