Senate panel: Israel’s attacks fuel, exacerbate region’s violence

Chairman of the Senate Palestine Committee, Nayef Qadi, said the Israeli attacks on Al-Aqsa Mosque, Islamic and Christian holy sites in Jerusalem and the occupied Palestinian territories is a planned scheme to continue Tel Aviv’s policy to Judaize the holy city and displace its Arabs Muslims and Christians.

In a press statement issued Sunday, Qadi stressed the necessity to stop all attacks and provocative measures carried out by the occupying Israeli authorities and the Jewish settler groups.

Qadi stressed the need to make Israel “fully” adhere to international resolutions and laws, and respect the existing historical, legal status of Jerusalem’s holy sites.

Jordan, under the Hashemite leadership, has always supported the Palestinian people, he said, adding that the Kingdom will continue to back Palestinians to end Israel’s occupation.

Jordan’s effort in supporting struggle of the Palestinian people and their free will for independence will not stop until establishment of an independent Palestinian state on the Palestinian national soil with Jerusalem as its capital, Qadi pointed out.

To stop Israel’s belligerence, he called on the international community to take action to end Israeli occupation in Palestine, and to make peace, he noted.

Qadi urged the international community to push Israel return to the negotiating table with the Palestinian people, and recognize their legitimate rights.

Source: Jordan News Agency