PM: Gov’t committed to promoting human rights, freedoms

Amman, Prime Minister Omar Razzaz on Wednesday received the 15th annual report on the human rights situation in the Kingdom for 2018.

The report includes key issues and topics related to the human rights situation in the Kingdom and the government’s measures that are needed to follow up on the recommendations outlined in the report.

The Prime Minister pledged as he welcomed National Centre for Human Rights (NCHR) board Chairman Rohayel Gharaibeh, Human Rights Commissioner-General Mousa Breizat and Government Coordinator for Human Rights at the Prime Minister’s office, Abeer Dababneh, that the government, under the directives of His Majesty King Abdullah II, attaches special attention to human rights issues in the Kingdom and is committed to promoting them.

Razzaz said the government exerts diligent efforts to build on the achievements made in the human rights domain to safeguard Jordan’s record in the region and the world in this field, reiterating his government’s commitment to promoting public freedoms and the citizens’ right to peacefully express their opinion as guaranteed by the constitution and law.

He stressed the need to lay down “real norms that are agreed by all” to draw the lines between the right of expression and non-disruption of public interests and vital facilities.

He noted the NCHR’s enormous efforts to assess the human rights situation in the Kingdom and monitor and follow up on the performance of government institutions through the centre’s independence and oversight role.

The Premier pledged that the government will work out a program and action plan to examine and follow up on the recommendations and observations contained in the report to address them.

The center’s board members reviewed the key points and challenges related to the human rights situation in the Kingdom, pointing to the recommendations and measures that need to be implemented to enhance freedoms and the human rights order at the national level.

For his part, the Human Rights Commissioner-General noted a number of rights and freedoms cases monitored by the report that needed to be addressed by the government and law enforcement agencies.

Source: Jordan News Agency

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