PM directs public departments to adhere to Article (43) of Investment Environment Law

Amman, Prime Minister Bisher Khasawneh on Sunday circulated to all ministries, government departments, institutions, and public bodies to fully adhere to the provisions of Article (43) of the Investment Environment Law No. (21) of 2022, which regulates the registration and licensing of economic activities.

Article (43) of the law stipulates the following: “The official entities that grant licenses shall observe the provisions of this Chapter in connection with all requirements, conditions, and procedures related to the granting of licenses and harmonizing their legislations in a manner to comply with the provisions of the said chapter within a period of six months from the effective date of the provisions of this Law”.

In the circular, the Prime Minister stressed the need to take into account the provisions of the chapter of the Investment Environment Law regarding the registration and licensing of economic activities in all matters, including the requirements, conditions, and procedures of granting licenses.

“The relevant official entities shall complete the transactions related to the Comprehensive Investment Service within a period not exceeding (15) working days from the date of receiving the application that meets the requirements. In the event that the official entity is late in providing its response before the end of the said period, this shall be considered an automatic approval to complete the transaction,” the circular added.

Source: Jordan News Agency

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