PM chairs ministerial committee meeting to develop political laws

Prime Minister, Dr. Bisher Khasawneh, stressed the importance of moving forward with developing laws that regulate Jordan’s political life in implementation of the Royal directives.


Chairing the first meeting of the ministerial committee tasked to develop laws regulating Jordan’s political life, he said the new political legislation should produce a “qualitative” leap in the Kingdom’s political life and achieve “greater” participation in political life by developing these legislations, especially the election law, in pursuit to reach an “effective” democracy and enhance party life.


On the future dialogue prospect, the PM stressed the necessity to continue the comprehensive national dialogue with all political parties, civil society institutions, youth and women, to outreach to all segments of society, which would lead to “clear and tangible” outcomes in developing these laws to foster the democratic experience and the holistic Jordanian reform process.


The PM underlined the importance of setting a timetable for organizing, managing the dialogue and its stages to develop the ideas that are agreed upon, such as the dialogue outcomes, and translate them into laws that achieve the desired goal of crafting the new political legislations.


The PM stressed the importance of Jordan’s youth’s active participation in the national decision-making process in its various forms, through engagement in political life and elections in all its forms.


Source: Jordan News Agency