Parliamentary Finance Committee announces voting on some of the remaining articles in the Budget Law

The Parliamentary Finance Committee announced, today, Saturday, the vote on some of the remaining articles in the budget law, which were added to ensure the interest of the country.

The media department of the House of Representatives stated, in a statement: “In the presence of the First Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, Mohsen Al-Mandalawi, the Finance Committee, headed by Atwan Al-Atwani and the presence of its members, met today, Saturday, to discuss the remaining materials and put appropriate formulations and proposals in order to vote on them.” The committee is to resolve the remaining materials from the general budget, in a manner that meets the needs of the citizen, and to produce them in a way that reflects positively on the Iraqi street.

For his part, First Vice-President of the Council, Mohsen al-Mandalawi, stressed, during his attendance at a part of the meeting, “the need to expedite the resolution of the budget, as it affects the lives of the people,” praising “the role of the Finance Committee and the exceptional efforts it is making to complete the budget as it is for three years.”

The department added, “the committee resumed studying proposals on adding articles and texts that would support non-oil revenues to supplement the state treasury, the most important of which is the Ministry of Electricity’s delivery of electric power to residential neighborhoods and areas where there is no electricity, and the installation of smart meters, provided that the Ministry submits quarterly reports.” In this regard,” in addition to “discussing the introduction of postgraduate studies in private universities, according to standards and controls issued by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, to benefit from the private sector and attract scientific energies within the country.”

It added that the committee discussed the issue of creating a fund for the treatment and rehabilitation of the wounded security forces and the families of martyrs as a result of the battles against terrorism, in all military institutions.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency