Palestinian foreign ministry condemns Israeli crimes in Gaza

The Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemned the ongoing crimes of the Israeli occupation against the people of the Gaza Strip, which have so far resulted in the death of dozens of unarmed civilians, including children, in addition to the destruction of homes and properties.

In a press release, on Tuesday, the Palestinian Foreign Ministry held the Israeli government and its branches fully responsible for the ongoing brutal aggression against the people of Jerusalem and their homes and the holy sites, and against the people of the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood and the Gaza Strip. The ministry also held the international community responsible for its ‘silence and failure to pressure the occupying state to stop the aggression and crimes.’

It also underscored that the occupation state’s massacres against the people of the Gaza Strip is a disregard for the International Criminal Court and its investigations, calling on the court to expedite its investigations into the occupation’s crimes against the unarmed people of Palestine.

Source: Jordan News Agency