Oversight bodies must be separate from partisan bickering, says PM

Prime Minister Bishr Khasawneh on Tuesday said that there is a need to separate the monitoring and security authorities’ work from partisan work on the path to enhancing political life.

The Prime Minister, during a senate session held on Tuesday, explained that oversight bodies should not be affiliated with partisan work, so that they can conduct their work impartially, protect the democratic process and the partisan framework concept, and encourage involvement in partisan work.

Oversight on financial affairs, human rights, or the judiciary, he indicated, should be free from any partisan practice, saying: “The nature of work for those who engage in judicial or supervisory work necessitates that they stay clear of partisan work until they leave public office.”

The Prime Minister further stressed the need for the judiciary to be separate from partisan work, in addition to ensuring the impartiality of the supervisory authorities on state finances, which monitor the spending of the executive body.

Source: Jordan News Agency

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