Omantel Partners with Elevatus to Assess Generation Z Talent with AI-Powered Video Assessments

Omantel, the leading and main provider of integrated telecommunication solutions in Oman, became the first company in Oman to partner with Elevatus to assess over 2,300 applicants in one week only with Elevatus’ video assessment solution.

LONDON, Aug. 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Omantel is the first company in Oman to strategically partner with Elevatus, to leverage and utilize its video assessment solution that is powered by AI. With over 2,400 employees, the highly acclaimed and leading telecommunication company used the innovative AI technology to assess a mass number of applicants for an internship program.

Omantel Partners with Elevatus to Assess Generation Z Talent with AI-Powered Video Assessments

Elevatus is a renowned AI solution provider, that is helping businesses worldwide boost their success and improve the quality of their decisions with cutting edge and advanced technology. Elevatus provides groundbreaking AI solutions that are helping businesses in various industries centralize all their core processes, and remotely assess, hire, train, educate and survey a mass number of applicants with ease.

The two companies joined forces in an effort to help Omantel deliver on their initiative of acquiring top talent, engaging employees, and leveraging innovation and digital transformation. With Elevatus’ advanced video assessment solution, Omantel was able to roll out a video assessment and evaluate more than 2,300 applicants remotely, for an internship program tailored specifically to Generation Z, all within a short span of one to two weeks.

Ibtihal Mohammed Al Riyami, General Manager Organization planning at Omantel said: “Omantel takes pride in being a market leader that continuously strives to adopt new innovative initiatives in the market. We are rolling out unique, intensive, and interactive training programs that are designed to enable new Generation Z talent to participate, contribute, and play a vital role in building the future of Oman. Generation Z seek opportunities that are both progressive and unique, and by utilizing new innovative tools like EVA-SSESS, we are able to brilliantly connect and engage with this young generation.”

With great fervency, the telecom giant is harnessing the power of AI, videos, and the latest in technology, to get to know and meet the needs of the growing Generation Z. By rolling out a single assessment from Elevatus’ leading AI solution, Omantel was able to achieve a remarkable 80% conversion rate, denoting that a vast majority of the applicants successfully engaged and submitted their applications for the internship program in a few days only.

“In this digital era, we are at the epicenter of agility and innovation. However, every advanced technology needs an agile team behind it. Omantel’s team of leaders and forward-looking managers, seamlessly engaged, adapted and utilized EVA-SSESS innovatively throughout the entire process, to yield lucrative results. They wholeheartedly immersed themselves in the solution, to significantly enhance the experience for both Generation Z and recruiters. We believe that the success of any cutting edge technology is highly dependent on how users engage, interact and utilize it. And we are pleased to see how our innovative technology is accelerating and enhancing the way teams and companies interact with users, to navigate through the assessment process with ease.” said Yara Burgan, CEO of Elevatus.

From this lucrative and fullfruit partnership, Omantel boosted their ROI by 3X and managed to speed up the assessment process by a massive 83% (12X faster). Omantel is utilizing the video assessment solution, EVA-SSESS, to successfully meet its innovative vision and core values of delivering quality services. The company managed to incrementally speed up the assessment process,  filter a mass number of applicants, and select the most qualified candidates for its wide variety of divisions.

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