NCHR offers recommendations on rights of girls

The National Centre for Human Rights (NCHR) has put forward recommendations to safeguard the rights of girls and enhance their role in building and developing society.

It said in a statement Monday that the International Day of the Girl Child is an opportunity to highlight the status of girls in the local communities and the key challenges facing them in order to come up with proposals to build their capacities “so that they contribute along with men in building an inclusive society based on human values.”

There is no religious or legal basis to differentiate between human beings along gender lines, it said, noting that the Jordanian legislator had protected the girl in Article 6 of the constitution and emphasized that Jordanians are equal before the law in rights and obligations. The constitution had also underlined the protection of the family, maternity and childhood from violence and exploitation, it added.

The NHCR referred to international conventions and agreements, which call for paying attention to the girl child and equating her with the male child in all rights in line with the principle of equality set forth in the Convention on the Rights of the Child, which Jordan had ratified and published in the official gazette.

The centre called for protecting the girl from violations she might face, including denying her education, marrying her off before the age of eighteen, exploiting her in beggary and hard labour, exposing her to violence in all its forms inside and outside the family, or depriving her of the right to play and entertainment.

It called on governmental and non-governmental organisations and civil society institutions to step up efforts to preserve the rights of girls to promote their role in building and developing society through awareness-raising programmes on the rights of girls that target them and families across the Kingdom, particularly on remote regions and areas with poor services.

Source: Jordan News Agency