Ministry of Investment launches Jordan Foreign Direct Investment Qualities Review…1st, final add

For his part, Takeshi said OECD seeks to support Jordan in its plans for economic recovery by boosting investments in the sensitive post-Covid-19 pandemic period, in light of of the Russian-Ukrainian war, which powered confidence in recovery from Covid-19 impacts.

Representative of the European Union Commission said importance of this FDI report comes simultaneous with Jordanian government’s launch of new Economic Modernization Vision.

The document also stresses the need to review FDI qualities in Jordan and find ways to support this investment in achieving development goals, especially in relation to to the four development dimensions: Productivity and innovation, Skills Development, Gender Equality, Carbon Emission Reduction, the EU official pointed out.

Jordan Strategy Forum’s CEO, Nesreen Barakat, said Jordan’s sustainability programs were a “major” pillar of Economic Modernization Vision, which focus on activating the Kingdom’s pursuit for sustainable development goals and complying with the global policies to achieve a green future.

These programs also seek to stimulate investments in Jordan’s sustainable projects and support investments in the most environmentally friendly projects, in addition to providing decent and sustainable jobs for young people, Barakat added.

Source: Jordan News Agency

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