AMMAN — Planning and International Cooperation Ministry on Thursday hosted a meeting to discuss maximizing the benefits of the agreement to simplify rules of origin for Jordanian exports to the EU in 2018 and challenges and obstacles facing the private sector and would hinder exportation to the EU markets.

The meeting was attended by Planning and International Cooperation Minister Imad Fakhoury, Minister of Industry, Trade and Supply Yarub Qudah and State Minister for Investment Affairs / Chairman of the Jordan Investment Commission (JIC) Mohannad Shehadeh with the heads and representatives of Jordan, Amman, Irbid and Zarqa chambers of commerce.

During the meeting, Fakhoury stressed the importance of the agreement to enable Jordanian industries export to the EU through granting Jordan simplified rules of origin, in recognition of the magnitude of the challenges facing Jordan, especially the burdens of hosting the Syrian refugees.

“This agreement also reaffirms the commitment of the EU to support the Kingdom based on the outcomes of the London Conference, the Jordan Compact and the Follow-up Conference in Brussels”, said Fakhoury.

He explained that work under going with various partners to ensure the success of the agreement, adding that the Ministry of Industry is leading the effort to work with Jordanian factories to maximize the benefit the JIC is leading the effort to attract new investments.

For their part, representatives of the chambers outlined challenges facing the private sector and would limited exports to the EU markets, as well as suggestions to overcome these obstacles and how to meet the requirements of the EU markets.

Fakhoury stressed that the meeting is considered is the beginning of other intensive meetings with the private sector in order to ensure maximum benefit from the decision in favor of Jordanian factories and companies and encourage them to export to the EU markets.

Planning Ministry’s team briefed the attendees on the latest developments related to the technical support projects that the Ministry has attracted to provide support to the Jordanian industrial companies in order to enable them to export in general and those interested in exporting to the EU markets through specialized programs to build capabilities of Jordanian companies and factories, and improve their abilities to exportation.

Shehadeh underscored the 2018 plans of the ministries that concerned with cooperation with chambers of industry and representatives of the private sector in order to maximize the benefits of the agreement, including raising the awareness of the Jordanian industrial sector about export opportunities to the European market; organizing exhibitions and trade missions in targeted European cities in order to promote Jordanian exports and to attract new investments.

The statement said that a number of workshops will be held for private sector companies in cooperation with the Planning Ministry, the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Supply, and the Chambers of Industry to raise awareness about the benefits of the agreement.

The meeting comes in the light of developments in the implementation of the agreement and the latest talks with the European side that aim to improve the terms of the agreement.