Minister, British envoy discuss UK-Jordan trade agreement

Minister of Industry, Trade and Supply Youssef Shamali on Thursday discussed with British Ambassador in Amman Bridget Brind ways of thrusting a joint UK-Jordan trade agreement which came into effect in May 2021.

During a meeting, Shamali stressed the importance of activating the UK-Jordan Association Agreement which he described as the basis for closer trade and investment cooperation.

For her part, the British ambassador said that activation of the agreement is an important step to advance economic cooperation between the two countries, which requires appropriate mechanisms to maximize mutual benefit.

As a post-Brexit deal, the agreement grants preferential treatment that includes reciprocal exemption from customs tariffs as is the case in the EU-Jordan Association Agreement.

In 2020, Jordanian exports to the United Kingdom amounted to about $24.2 million, while imports amounted to $217 million.

Source: Jordan News Agency