Media minister says Jordan should leverage Irbid: Arab Culture Capital 2022

Minister of State for Media Affairs Faisal Shboul Saturday said it is important for Jordan to leverage the Irbid: The 2022 Arab Capital of Culture to promote the Kingdom’s culture and history.

During a meeting with journalists in the Al-Hassan Sports City in Irbid, Shboul highlighted that the event is an important Jordanian and Arab national event, noting the important role of local communities in promoting the event and its success.

He also highlighted the role of the media in covering and promoting the activities of the Irbid: the Capital of Arab Culture 2022 event, whose main ceremony will start tomorrow, under royal patronage, throughout 2022.

He added the event would be an opportunity for coordination between Jordanian and Arab journalists to familiarise them with the history of the city and its role in reviving Jordan’s culture and history.

Shboul lauded the press for supporting Jordan’s national interests, adding: “our media will shoulder its responsibility in promoting the celebrations of Irbid: The Capital of Arab Culture 2022 so that it will become a model for Arab capitals of culture in the coming years.”

Irbid Governor Radwan Atoum, in turn, emphasised the important role of the media in promoting the activities of the upcoming event, pointing to the cooperation and coordination between the provincial council and journalists to make the event a success.

Irbid Mayor Nabil Kofhi noted the municipality is keen to improve the governorate’s infrastructure, adding it began preparations for the event by placing 800 flags and 400 banners and large murals on universities and bridges to promote the event.


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