Lung function testing labs open in several hospitals across Kingdom

The Ministry of Health announced on Monday that lung function testing laboratories have recently opened in a number of hospitals across the Kingdom, primarily serving cystic fibrosis patients.

The laboratories, which the ministry asserted are critical for the early diagnosis and treatment of the disease, have been established at Princess Rahma Hospital, Princess Basma Teaching Hospital, Prince Hamza Hospital, AlBashir Hospital, and Karak Hospital.

In this context, Health Minister Firas Hawari patronized a ceremony on Monday celebrating the graduation of health professionals who had received training on lung function testing equipment.

The training was made available through a partnership between the ministry and the United States Agency for International Development-funded Quality Health Care project (USAID).

During the ceremony, which was attended by the Deputy Director of the USAID Mission in Jordan, Hawari pledged that the ministry will make every effort to provide the necessary drugs and modern laboratory solutions to diagnose cystic fibrosis and its genetic mutations through collaboration with a number of international bodies.

He stated that 24 ministry technicians were trained on the operation and use of the new pulmonary testing equipment, which can also perform endobronchial resistance assays on children under the age of six.

The ministry has put in place treatment protocols to ensure equal services for patients at all centers, according to the minister, who also stated that a national directive and technical committees have been formed to monitor cystic fibrosis cases.

The national committee, he added, has started prepping a record to count cystic fibrosis cases, where they live and receive treatment, and the type of their treatment.

Source: Jordan News Agency

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