Lower House: Israeli attacks on Jerusalemites an ‘organized’ terrorism

The Lower House of Parliament deemed the attacks on Jerusalemites by Jewish settlers, with the support of the Israeli authorities, as “organized terror operations.”

In a press statement, the House said the Israeli attacks aim to “completely seize the city of Jerusalem and its Islamic and Christian holy sites.”

The settler belligerence on Jerusalemites in the holy month of Ramadan is a “blatant” violation of religious beliefs and legitimate, natural rights of Muslims to practice their rituals smoothly and peacefully, according to the House statement.

The House said all Jordanians are angry with the position of the Israeli government as the occupying power, which constantly practices violations of international agreements and treaties.

To stop Israel’s belligerent policies, the House called on the international community and its various organizations to take “immediate” action to force Israel to put an end to these “heinous” racial violations condemned by all the laws that still govern the current world order.

The House said urgent messages will be sent to the Arab Parliamentary Union (APU), and the rest of the international parliamentary federations, to take a “clear” position on these violations that the Jerusalemites are facing on their occupied homeland, said the statement.

On future action, the House said will work to coordinate positions with Palestine, with regard to the Jerusalemites’ right to participate in the upcoming Palestinian elections.

Source: Jordan News Agency