Lower House endorses 2018 budget

Amman, The Lower House of parliament on Sunday endorsed the 2018 draft laws for the state budget and the budgets of independent government units.

Today, thirty-one lawmakers spoke about a number of issues and challenges facing the economy as well as the importance of addressing them.

They also highlighted the dire need to find solutions to the chronic unemployment problem as well as poverty. In remarks following the parliament’s sessions, Prime Minister Hani Al-Mulki thanked the lower house for endorsing the two draft laws and said spending outside the budget over the past years was the main reason for the additional burden on the treasury amounting to 1.3 billion dinars.

Al-Mulki said that self-reliance is not difficult for Jordanians, noting that a 400 million dinars surplus would have been achieved in the budget, had there not been interest on loans. He also pledge that the government will work in a transparent manner with the house to make accomplishments and economic self reliance.

Source: Jordan News Agency

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