Lower House continues budget debate

Amman, The Lower House of Parliament has resumed discussing the two bills of the state budget and the budget of government units for 2019 at its session held on Wednesday morning chaired by Speaker Atef Tarawneh.

At the beginning of the session, Tarawneh extended his congratulations to His Majesty King Abdullah II, HRH Crown Prince and the Jordanian people on the occasion of the new year, voicing hope the House will continue its monitoring and legislative role to achieve the ambitions and aspirations of the Jordanian people.

He said: “After the endorsement 47 laws at 81 sessions last year, we affirm our continued efforts to serve the national interest, and to address obstacles facing the citizens, which requires cooperation between the authorities on the path to realize the economic growth, and to launch a true partnership between the public and private actors, to create decent jobs and achieve the desired development”.

Source: Jordan News Agency