Kharabsheh reviews Jordan’s plans to achieve energy security

Energy sector is witnessing “growing” interest all over the world, which coincides with global developments related to the global energy crisis due to Russian-Ukrainian war that “negatively” affected many countries across the world, Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources, Saleh Kharabsheh, said.

The minister’s remarks came in his speech delivered on his behalf by Assistant Secretary-General for Energy Affairs, Hassan Hiyari, at the opening the 3rd Arab Forum organized by Arab Federation of Chemical and Petrochemical Industries (AFCPI) under the theme : “Basic Challenges of Global Energy Crisis” on Thursday.

Kharabsheh stressed the need to take advantage of Jordan’s “strategic” location to become an export center of clean energy globally.

The minister also noted Economic Modernization Vision (EMV) set a roadmap for Jordan’s energy transformation into renewable and alternative sources, develop power and electricity stations, strengthen connectivity with the region’s countries, enact energy sector regulations and policies to meet future requirements, and create incentives to reduce costs.

Despite the multiple challenges facing Jordan’s energy sector during the past years, he said many achievements were made locally due to launching strategies and policies aimed at achieving energy security by diversifying its sources, increasing reliance on local assets and moving towards sustainable energy.

Energy Sector Strategy for 2020-2030 was launched, which launched four main axes tackling energy supply security, energy availability at affordable prices, and sustainability, he noted.

It also aimed to enhancing reliance on local sources, by adopting a self-reliance scenario to increase contribution of local sources to electricity generation to reach 48.5% in 2030, he said.

Work, he said, is underway to diversify Jordan’s natural gas sources and attract international companies to invest in the field of oil and gas exploration in open areas, referring to efforts to develop production in the Risha gas field to increase contribution of local sources to total energy mix.

Calling on establishing natural gas distribution networks in Jordan’s major cities, he also urged use of natural gas in various industrial sector and transport sectors, which would slash fuel costs by 20-45% according to the alternative fuel type.

Source: Jordan News Agency