Kazakh envoy briefs press on his country’s presidential elections

Kazakhstan’s early presidential elections that were held last Sunday and won by President Kassym-Jomart-Tokayev , were a “historically significant” event, and one of the most transformative periods in the country’s modern history, Kazakh Ambassador to Jordan, Aidarabek Tumatov, said.

In a press conference he held recently to talk about the elections, he said President Tokayev (People’s Coalition) received more than 81% of the votes, according to the Central Election Commission (CEC), as 8 300 046 citizens casted their ballot with a voter turnout of 69.44%, adding that 11,953,465 voters were registered to vote.

He added that this was the seventh presidential election in Kazakhstan since the country’s independence in 1991.

“Kazakhstan experienced significant challenges in January, which were a catalyst for the transformation that our country has experienced. Our President used this crisis to implement major positive changes,” he said.

Continuing: ” In line with recent constitutional changes, the elected head of state will serve a 7-year term without the right to re-election.”

Earlier this month, he said President Tokayev publicly signed six important laws adopted following referendum in June this year, adding that entry into force of these laws is contributing to greater democratisation of the political system and a further improvement of the system of checks and balances between the branches of state power.

The envoy said his country’s key reforms include the redistribution of powers from the president to parliament, establishment of the Constitutional Court from January next year, simplified procedures for registering political parties, increased participation of citizens in the governance of the state, as well as further protection of human rights.

The envoy noted among key objectives are the decentralisation and distribution of power across the country, strengthened rule of law and equal opportunities for every citizen.

Following the results of the elections, he said President Tokayev stated: “We will clearly and consistently implement the constitutional reform. We are moving to a new form of the political structure of the country. Cardinal changes will occur in the economy. We will improve the welfare of citizens. To translate all these goals into reality, we need unity. Therefore, I call on everyone you to unity.”

The envoy also quoted President Tokayev as saying: “The government will remain in office, but point-by-point changes in the composition of the government and other agencies will of course take place.” He also noted that he would announce the date of parliamentary elections at the end of the year.”

Regarding Kazakhstan’s foreign policy, President said “Kazakhstan must conduct a multi-vector foreign policy and should be committed to the United Nations Charter and pursue a peaceful foreign policy.”

Source: Jordan News Agency

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