JU launches awareness campaign about COVID vaccine

The University of Jordan (JU) Tuesday started an awareness raising campaign on the COVID-19 vaccine and the health measures against the virus.

Natheer Obeidat, the JU president, said that vaccination is the key to responding to the pandemic and restoring normalcy, highlighting the health measures and social distancing are also important to check the spread of the virus.

Obeidat warned of abstaining from getting the vaccine and said those who do not produce an evidence of vaccination will not be admitted to public places, university campuses and undertaking exams. He explained that taking the vaccine would also protect others.

The campaign, organised by the JU Community Development and Service Centre, will distribute pamphlets and decals that encourage the getting the vaccine, abidance by health measures and social distancing.

The campaign will focus on delivering lectures on the COVID-19 pandemic, post COVID-19 conditions, PCR tests and the disease’s psychological impact.

Source: Jordan News Agency