JRP receives 9.9pct of total financing requirements for 2022

Only $226 million, or 9.9 percent, of the Jordan Response Plan for the Syria Crisis’s (JRP) $2.28 billion funding requirements for 2022 were met, according to figures by the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation.

As a result, the plan remains largely unfunded, with a $2.054 billion deficit, or 90.1 percent of the total value of the required financing.

Of the $226 million already secured, $78.5 million went to support Syrian refugees, while about $59.1 million went to host communities.

In addition, $1.9 million was allocated to coronavirus pandemic response efforts, while $86.6 million was made available to infrastructure and institutional capacity building. There were no funds received by the state treasury.

It’s worth noting that only $744.4 million, or 30.6 percent, of the same plan for 2021 was funded, leaving a $1.687 billion, or 69.4 percent, deficit.

Source: Jordan News Agency

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