Jordan takes part in special session of General Assembly against corruption

Integrity and Anti-Corruption Commission (IACC) Chairman Muhannad Hijazi, on Friday, said that Jordan since its ratification of the International Convention against Corruption has been keen to harmonize national legislation in line with many aspects of the provisions of this convention.

Hijazi made his remarks during his participation, via video conference, in a special session of the U.N. General Assembly against corruption.

Addressing the UN special session, Hijazi said that the commission is seeking to confirm its financial and administrative independence and expand its powers to make settlements in accordance with the provisions of the Economic Crimes Law.

He added that the Jordanian anti-graft body is also seeking for conducting investigations related to money laundering crimes resulting from corruption crimes, reconciliation with the perpetrators of corruption crimes, and monitoring the growth of wealth among officials in accordance with the Illicit Gain Law.

Source: Jordan News Agency