Jordan premier pledges support for local businesses, enterprises

Jordan’s Prime Minister Bisher Khasawneh Monday visited local businesses and development enterprises in Ajloun and Jerash, and he vowed support for them through advertising their products.

Khasawneh started his tour in the northern governorate of Jerash, where he visited the “Jerash Women’s Association” that was established in 1971.

It is aimed at empowering and preparing women and the youth to join the workforce through teaching them handicrafts and in establishing their own small and medium-sized enterprises. Since its inception, it has contributed to employing more than 8,500 people, most of whom were women.

The Association also provides psychological and social support to the youth and raises the awareness of children, and it helps them acquire new skills.

Khasawneh praised the Association for its effort and highlighted the need to organise further awareness-raising sessions on preserving the environment and public facilities.

In Ajloun, Khasawneh visited the Royal Academy for Nature Conservation (RANC) that is specialised in training and building capacities on the environment conservation techniques and managing the programmes of socio-economic development.

RSCN Chairman Khaled Irani briefed the Premier on the services the Academy’s services and activities and its role in creating job opportunities and providing the market with qualified workers on environment conversation.

Source: Jordan News Agency