Jordan imports 3.4mln Iraqi crude barrels since start of year

About 3.4 million barrels of Iraqi petroleum were shipped to the Kingdom from the start of 2022 till Tuesday night under an agreement to buy Iraqi crude oil at a discount rate of $16 per barrel from the average price of Brent crude to account for transport costs, inspection fees, and quality differences.

The Director of an oil carrier company Nael Thiabat told the Jordan News Agency (Petra) on Wednesday that the expansion or renewal of this one-year agreement is on the table.

He said some 10,000 Iraqi crude oil barrels arrive in the Kingdom through 500 oil tanker trucks daily, while in October, 340,000 barrels were shipped to Jordan.

Under an agreement signed two years ago, Jordan imports 10,000 barrels per day of crude oil from the Kirkuk oil fields in northern Iraq, which accounts for approximately 7 percent of its market’s daily demand.

Source: Jordan News Agency