JEPCO announces full readiness to deal weather conditions

Amman, The Jordan Electric Power Company (JEPCO) announced its crews readiness to implement the contingency plan, which was devised in advance to deal with the weather conditions in the Kingdom.

A JEPCO statement urged citizens to report any emergencies, stay away from the electrical network, and call the declared emergency number 116.

In the statement, JEPCO called for rationalizing electricity consumption as much as possible, to inspect the submersible pumps on the ground floors and to urgently report the rise in the water level to levels that may reach electrical wires and meters, and to install objects that could be blown by the wind and that may damage the electrical network and cause a power outage.

JEPCO said that it takes into account all requirements to maintain public safety, and focus on delivering electricity to subscribers as quickly as possible, based on the modernization and development plans that it has begun to implement, aiming to provide optimal service in all circumstances, and to remove all obstacles that may cause disruption of the electric current resulting from strong winds or rain and snow.


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