JAF receives devices, equipment from US DTRA, 1st, final add

Director of Strategic Planning, Brigadier General Engineer Bassam Al-Falih, stressed the importance of the close and distinctive partnership with DTRA in deploying an integrated border control system, valuing the continuous assistance in providing Jordan with assistive materials and equipment to confront the Coronavirus pandemic.

The Director of the Royal Engineering Corps, Brigadier General Imad Khamaiseh, stated that the detection devices, equipment and disinfection laboratory provided by DTRA had a positive impact and great importance in carrying out disinfection operations to confront the Coronavirus pandemic, stressing keenness to contine partnership and cooperation between the two friendly countries.

For his part, the US Defense Attaché, Colonel David Cobbs, said: “The agency has been working to reduce defense threats with its Jordanian counterpart for nine years, during which it provided advanced equipment that would improve the level of performance, which is continuously enhanced through the training partnership between the two sides,” commending the strong relationship and joint cooperation that binds the two sides, and congratulated the centenary of the establishment of the Jordanian state.

At the end of the ceremony, which was attended by a number of JAF senior officers and a representative of the DTRA, the Assistant for Planning, Organization and Defense Resources delivered a Thank You note from the JAF to DTRA, and presented a short video showing some of the mechanisms, buildings and devices that were funded through the agency.

Source: Jordan News Agency