JAF ready to deal with all challenges-Army chief

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Major Gen. Yousef Huneiti, said the Jordan Armed Forces-Arab Army (JAF) are at the “highest levels of operational, training and logistical preparedness” and are ready to deal with all challenges.

Huneiti noted the JAF’s General Command is following up “practically and continuously” with the army’s field leaders in regard to all necessary measures that contribute “effectively and constructively” to meet all needs of the border military units.

Speaking during a meeting Sunday, at the Royal Military College (RMC), to the army’s battalion leaders, attended by a number of senior JAF officers, Huneiti praised the “great” efforts made by the border unit leaders to protect the Kingdom’s security and stability.

Over the last period, the JAF were able to make a “distinguished, important” development in the field of armament, rehabilitation and training, and to address all the circumstances and challenges, which made its performance to stand out at the level of the regional armies and globally in a way that contributes to protecting the Kingdom’s borders and its citizens, according to Huneiti.

On the economic front, Huneiti said JAF completed many development projects during the Covid-19 crisis, which contributed “directly” to advancing the national economy and reducing unemployment rates by signing a number of agreements for this purpose.

The JAF also sought to modernize and develop all administrative aspects within the military formations and units, in a way that contributes to the “efficient and competent” implementation of their duties and tasks, Huneiti added.

Source: Jordan News Agency