ISTD advises taxpayers to benefit from its e-services

Director General of the Income and Sales Tax Department (ISTD), Dr. Hussam Abu Ali, called on all taxpayers, auditors and other beneficiaries to benefit from the department’s online services at its website to preserve their health and safety, save effort and avoid the hassle of bureaucratic work.


In an ISTD statement issued Wednesday, Abu Ali said the department has provided all the e-services that taxpayers need to submit and complete their transactions without in-person attendance to the department’s offices.


Abu Ali said these measures contributed to facilitating beneficiaries’ transactions and sparing their effort, which had a role in preserving their health and safety within the framework of the ISTD’s preventive measures to curb Covid-19 spread.


The department enabled taxpayers holding tax numbers who haven’t benefited from e-government services, to log into the ISTD’s website to obtain its services electronically, according to Abu Ali.


According to the statement, the department has provided several electronic services covering all tax-related issues, such as e-registration, issuing income tax number for the first time, as well as submitting a sales tax registration request.


All services are provided at the ISTD’s website link and all approved tax forms are available to the taxpayer for any related transaction, the statement added.