‘Illuminations through Music and Heritage’ workshop kicks off in Petra

The first Illuminations through Music and Heritage workshop has recently kicked off in Petra, in an executive partnership between the Petra National Trust (PNT) and the Tryon Fine Arts Center of the USA.

Under the program, sponsored by the US Department of State, administered by World Learning, and with Wings of Hope as local sponsor, twenty participants aged between 13-18 are selected from six villages within the Petra region, to be part of a four-month cultural exchange experience using technical communication systems, followed by a visit of a group of participants from the US to Jordan at the end of June 2020.

The program aims at building partnerships between communities and empowering young people through exchanging projects that enhance the value of tangible and intangible cultural heritage, as well as the importance of preserving it through community awareness.

We are proud to join societies in linking heritage and facilitate global exchange in order to promote and preserve it. Music, art, culture and heritage are at the core of resilient, creative and vibrant societies, and they provide a common language of understanding, PNT President, Princess Dana Firas, said.

For his part, PNT executive director, Abdullah Abu Rumman, said the project comes within the efforts of the Trust to enhance musical heritage among children and young people, and inform the world about our rich heritage, noting that PNT is expanding the package of projects that deals with the sustainability and preservation of cultural heritage, as well as projects of economic and social empowerment for the residents of communities near the heritage sites in Jordan and the region.

Established in 1989, PNT is a nongovernmental organization dedicated to promote the preservation, protection, and conservation of the UNESCO World Heritage site of Petra. It has coordinated preservation projects and studies related to heritage site management, and the safeguarding of Petra’s natural heritage.

PNT also works with local communities to raise awareness about the cultural and natural values of Petra.

Source: Jordan News Agency