Hungary provides 400 scholarships annually for Jordanian students-MoU

Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Dr. Wajih Owais, and Hungarian Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade, Peter Szijjarto, on Wednesday signed two memoranda of understanding (MoU).


The first MoU covers educational and scientific cooperation for 2022-2024, while the other tackles cooperation within the framework of the Hungarian Scholarship Program.


Under the 1st MoU, the two sides agreed to enhance joint collaboration on the basis of the cooperation agreement signed by the two governments on cultural and scientific cooperation signed on February 27, 1978.


Both sides agreed to encourage direct relations among the two countries’ concerned higher education institutions in terms of exchanging students, faculty members, higher education workers, researchers, trainers and scientists.


They also agreed to encourage the two countries’ higher education institutions to start cooperation projects within the framework of the Erasmus Plus program.


As for the second agreement, the Hungarian side provide 400 scholarships annually for Jordanian students to continue their studies in Hungary.


In this regard, 250 scholarships per year go for “Bachelor” studies in various disciplines, 50 others for Master’s studies in all specialties and 50 for Bachelor studies in medical and health sciences fields, per the 1st MoU.


Moreover, Hungary provides 50 scholarships for doctorate studies in any of the available fields, with the terms to benefit from these scholarships and the nomination mechanism.