Huawei official: industry, academia collaborate to conduct innovation

Huawei’s Director of the Board and Chair of the Scientist Advisory Committee William Xu on Tuesday said the company is working with universities to build open and innovative platforms for joint research and talent cultivation.

During his participation in an online forum titled “Industry-Academia Collaboration for Joint Innovation and Talent Cultivation” at Times Higher Education’s Asia Universities Summit, he said the industry and academia are working together to define ‘top challenges’ and conduct innovation.

According to a statement by Huawei’s office in Amman, Xu outlined that the first step was to build an open and innovative platform for joint research and talent cultivation, noting that Huawei invested US$400 million into university collaboration in 2021 and intends to invest more for deeper collaboration in the future.

Xu proposed five actions for industry-academia collaboration: continue supporting breakthroughs in basic research and technology, and continuous industry innovation; work together to set and solve problems and make breakthroughs to overcome key industry challenges; work together to optimize the design of programs and courses, and drive industry-academia alignment to cultivate urgently-needed talent; work together to encourage innovation by building platforms like joint labs, tech competitions, Chaspark, Seeds for the Future, and post-doctoral research programs, in order to identify and cultivate talent; and strengthen talent exchanges between universities and the industry to promote transitions from theory to practice.

Source: Jordan News Agency