Huawei intensifies activities to serve Jordanian society

Vice President of the Chinese ICT company Huawei Technologies Corporation, Hou Tao, said that the company, which has been present in Jordan for 16 years, devotes itself to the public interest and works to provide the latest technologies and solutions for digital transformation that serve the economic sectors and raise their productivity.

He added during a visit to Petra, where he met with its Director General Fayiq Hijazin, the company has intensified its activities to serve the Jordanian society, and focus on developing skills and competencies.

Commenting on the company’s financial results, he said : “In 2020 our annual revenue reached $1.4 billion, up 3.8% year-on-year in line with our forecast.”

He spoke about a number of sectors at the company, adding that “Our enterprise business saw a relatively faster growth rate of 23%. Our mobile phone business was impacted by supply shortages, but Huawei has adopted a “1 + 8 + N” strategy targeting the consumer business.”

Commenting on 5G technology,Tao said:”The 5G is the trend for future social development, with the advantage of low time-delay/latency and high speed, therefore, it is applied in automatic driving, long-distance medical treatment especially in pandemic period. 5G now is being used in some other industries, Take the smart port scenario as an example. ICT-enabled remote control of gantry cranes improves loading and unloading efficiency by 20%, reduces labor costs by more than 50%, makes work safer, lessens occupational diseases of drivers.”

Huawei has set up 4 Huawei ICT Academy with the support of Jordanian people. They are BAU, Hashemite university, PSUT and JUST. Huawei has been working to develop the capabilities of young Jordanian people in the ICT field through two aspects. The first is providing professional ICT training for our customers, partners, and Huawei employees through Huawei training, and the second is to develop youth capabilities from universities and Huawei ICT Academy.

Source: Jordan News Agency