Gov’t says won’t allow illegal gatherings, incitement

The government on Sunday said that the past few days have seen illegal gatherings and calls for assemblies threatening social peace and security and vowed that it will not tolerate or allow such acts to continue.

The Cabinet said in a statement that it has been monitoring illegal gatherings in the past few days which “saw violations, incitement against the state, threats to social peace and assaults on the law and security forces”, urging citizens to distance themselves from such acts.

It indicated that concerned authorities “have exercised the highest degree of self-restraint towards these activities, that included direct incitement, which is a violation and breach of the law, hoping that those who fuel such behaviors will come to their senses and return to the path of truth and righteousness”.

“With great regret, what we saw last night of attempts to mobilize people and attack Public Security Department personnel, as well as inflammatory rhetoric and behaviors, was a full legal violation that affect the foundations of our country and its constitutional bedrocks and our inherited literature since the establishment of the state,” according to the statement.

The Cabinet stressed that the Ministry of Interior will never allow any gatherings, events, erection of traditional tents or other platforms, and will deal with utmost firmness to enforce the law and prevent these dangerous inflammatory activities, including words and behaviors, that violate the law and the Constitution and tamper with the security of society.

The Cabinet called on citizens across the nation to distance themselves from participation in such inciting and illegal gatherings.

Source: Jordan News Agency