FTAs enabled Jordan to access global markets, says JEA chief

President of the Jordan Exporters Association (JEA) Omar Abu Wishah has stressed the importance of free trade agreements that link the Kingdom with several countries and said they enabled the Jordanian industry to enter global markets.

Speaking to Petra, Abu Wishah said that there is a wide export opportunity under these agreements signed with various economic blocs, but it is still not exploited in the required manner, noting that such chance would contribute to expanding the export base, increasing production and creating more jobs.

His Majesty King Abdullah, during a meeting with industrial sector representatives on Tuesday, urged the sector to build on free trade agreements, stressing the importance of increasing the sector’s competitiveness and stimulating exports.

King Abdullah noted that Jordanian industries have seen success stories despite challenges, highlighting the sector’s key role in meeting local demand for basic goods throughout the COVID-19 pandemic without interruption.

Jordan is bound by a number of bilateral and collective free trade agreements with many countries across the world, foremost of which is joining the World Trade Organization and liberalizing trade with the United States and Canada, in addition to the Euro-Mediterranean cooperation, the Greater Arab Free Trade Agreement and Singapore, JEA chief said.

Source: Jordan News Agency