Follow up committee on Lower House recommendations on Coronavirus meets with PM, 1st, final add

The House Speaker, Abdel Moneim Odat, said that the meeting, which was attended by a number of MPs, came at the invitation of the Parliamentary Committee to follow up on the recommendations of the Lower House, to review the latest developments related to the pandemic situation “in a way that serves and aligns with our health capabilities.”

Odat added that measures taken by the government related to the curfew had a negative impact on various sectors, as they no longer had the ability to continue working, noting that there was a parliamentary memorandum signed by 100 MPs calling for the opening of sectors and the reduction of the procedures followed.

He explained that the balance between citizen freedom and opening sectors is a controversial issue, and no country today has reached a point of balance, indicating that the only solution is to provide vaccines and that the majority of Jordanians receive them.

Odat emphasized that the parliament and the government are partners in the national interest, but each has its decision within the method specified by the constitution for each authority and its powers.

In turn, Head of the Parliamentary Committee, MP Khalil Attiyah, said that the meeting came at the request of the committee to brief the government with its recommendations, and MPs proposals, related to the reopening of all economic sectors, the abolition of the Friday curfew, the reduction of partial curfew hours, and the permission to perform Isha’a and Taraweeh prayers in mosques.

Attiyah added that MPs demanded that the upcoming government’s decision would meet the demands of the public.

MPs also called on the government to expand the provision of vaccinations, in addition to the need to work to achieve a balance between the health side and the economic side for citizens, and not to focus on the health aspect only, due to the risks of that to the national economy, as it constitutes great pressure on the private sector and citizens.

For his part, Minister of State for Media Affairs and government spokesperson, Sakher Dudin, indicated that there are government plans in the long, medium and short terms to open sectors and ease restrictive measures applied, such as the partial and comprehensive curfew.

Source: Jordan News Agency