FM underscores strong relations between Russia, Arab world……..1st and final add

Safadi referred to the Rukban camp issue, saying that Jordan and Russia see eye-to-eye that this issue can be solved by allowing the inhabitants of this camp to return to their hometowns which had been already liberated from the terrorist Daesh group.

He said that terrorism is a common enemy that must be fought at the security and military, as well as ideology levels through a holistic approach that also targets addressing regional crises, anarchy, desperation and injustice.

Turning to another issue, Safadi said there are ample opportunities to expand Arab-Russian cooperation and institutionalizing communication and dialogue mechanisms that will yield benefits for both sides in economic, investment and cultural fields, he said, adding that this will reflect positively on finding solutions to regional crises and addressing common challenges.

He pointed out to the importance of setting up regional ties based on good relations and not interfering in the internal affairs of Arab countries.

He underscored Jordan’s position calling for a WMD-free Middle East, pointing out that Jordan will chair the international conference scheduled to take place in New York next year which will discuss prospects for a WMD-free Middle East.

A statement following the meeting was issued commending the pivotal role of the Kingdom in occupied Jerusalem and supporting the steadfastness of its people and for Hashemite custodian ship over its holy sites.

The statement also emphasized the importance to maintain the territorial integrity of Libya and support its efforts in combatting terror. It reaffirmed support to the legitimate government in Yemen and the importance of restoring control over the country through achieving a sustainable diplomatic settlement.

Safadi and his Russian counterpart, Sergey Lavrov, met on the sidelines of the conference to follow up on discussions that took place during the latter’s previous visit to Jordan last week, which discussed means to bolster bilateral cooperation, especially on regional issues.

Source: Jordan News Agency