Fayez opens dialogue on political legislation

Senate President Faisal Fayez said on Tuesday that a strong home front is needed to face threats to the country’s security and unity, referring to the recent sedition, which, he said, was ended by His Majesty the King with all wisdom and forgiveness.


During a meeting with partisan, professional association, parliamentary, social and economic figures and representatives of civil society institutions in Amman, Fayez said that Jordan has been targeted for its stances on regional issues, noting the Kingdom’s ability to overcome the challenges that faced it since its establishment one hundred years ago.


Fayez told the meeting launching a dialogue with all components of society on legislation governing political life in the country that King Abdullah is keen to promote political reform as an ongoing process, not a reaction to specific events, referring to the King’s discussion papers, which constitute a roadmap for the state, and which require discussion from all actors to come up with a comprehensive national strategy.


He also pointed to a royal directive to amend legislation governing political life by devising an election law that fits Jordanian culture, supports and encourages the merger of political parties, develop realistic programs and build a popular base as well as activate the developmental role of municipalities after the failure of the decentralization scheme.


The head of the Senate also stressed the need to find quick solutions to poverty and unemployment, whose figures have become “horrible”, work to achieve economic growth, address investment bottlenecks, launch mega projects such as the national water conveyance, railway and oil refinery in the south, and develop the governorates, support national industries and reform public administration and improve services to the public.


Source: Jordan News Agency