Fayez calls on French energy, water companies to launch investments in Jordan..1st, final add

Senate president also presented the challenges facing Jordan in the energy and water sectors, adding that the Kingdom lacks natural assets such as water, oil and gas, and is the second poorest country in the world in terms of water resources.

This situation offers Jordan “difficult and limited choices,” in terms of overcoming the energy challenge, in light of the increasing population and activities related to sustainable development, he noted.

For their part, French companies’ CEOs affirmed their keenness to increase their investments in Jordan and in various vital sectors, especially in the water and energy fields.

The CEOs also expressed their keenness to cooperate with Jordan and Jordanian investors and exchange expertise, which would contribute to strengthening joint cooperation and serve mutual interests.

In addition, French businesspeople voiced interest in Jordan’s investment opportunities, especially in water, transport infrastructure, renewable energy, environment, water desalination projects and sewage networks.

Pointing to France’s large investments in Jordan, the CEOs said their volume reflects confidence in the Kingdom’s capabilities and its “safe” investment environment.

Source: Jordan News Agency

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