Education ministry sets up operations room to monitor schools readiness to new academic year

The Ministry of Education has set up an operations room in its center to follow up on schools readiness for the start of the new academic year.

“This step aims to communicate daily with education departments on the field, follow up on all comments received from students, teachers, parents and the local community, in order to enhance the ministry’s efforts to ensure the stability of the educational process at the beginning of the new school year, provide needs and monitor feedback,” the ministry said Monday in a statement.

The ministry called for contacting the operating room at the following numbers: 065662475 – 065692368 – 065699916 directly – and telefax to the operating room 5666492 – mobile 0791881439 – 0791881450 – 0791881434 – 0791881435 – 0791881436 – WhatsApp 0791881435.

Source: Jordan News Agency