Drugs seized on desert road, 2 arrested

Anti-Narcotics Department personnel Tuesday seized 10,000 drug pills and 13 bags of hashish and arrested two dealers on the desert highway south of the Kingdom.

A Public Security Department spokesman said police tracked two suspects, who were in possession of narcotics, pinpointed their whereabouts and caught them on the desert road as they transported the contraband from a southern governorate.

The vehicle was stopped “at the right time” and the suspects were arrested, and that a search of the vehicle uncovered the drugs, he said, adding that the case was referred to the State Security Court’s Prosecutor.

Separately, in southern Amman, a drug trader was tracked and arrested after he was found in possession of 7,000 drug pills, one kilogram of crystal meth and half a kilogram of cocaine, according to the spokesman.

Source: Jordan News Agency