DoS launches EU-sponsored capacity-building project

Amman, The Department of Statistics (DoS) and the European Union on Tuesday kicked off a project to upgrade the DoS’s statistical data collection, analysis, and reporting capabilities to par with the best European and international practices.

The Director General of Technical Affairs at DoS, Tayseer Miqdadi, expressed optimism that the project would help transfer the experiences of the participating European countries to DoS, thereby enhancing the department’s ability to provide trustworthy economic and social statistical data to policy and decision makers, and researchers.

He added that the project is implemented under a twinning business model, which is the most important know-how transfer vehicle used by the EU to source and localize expertise in partner countries.

According to Patrick Lambrechts, Senior Advisor and Director of Cooperation at the EU Delegation in Jordan, the project’s main objectives are to develop an integrated data development system through the creation of statistical administrative records for business and to improve the accuracy of population estimates. New statistical methodologies will be developed as part of the twinning project.

In turn, Carsten Ulrik Zangenberg, Director of Communication and Sales at Statistics Denmark, said that while the goal of the project is knowledge sharing (including experiences, ideas, solutions, and results), there may be many obstacles to this goal, the most significant being the need for accurate information.

Because of the critical nature of our future contributions to official statistics production, it is imperative that our statistical departments be able to be relied upon as an accurate and trustworthy resource, and that we regularly share our expertise with experts from other nations, Zangenberg added.